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Show Review: Fitz and the Tantrums

Briana Henry Briana Henry
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Sometimes, I walk into shows thinking I know everything, and sometimes I’m right.  Last night, I was wrong. So so so so wrong. My attention span is that of a pubescent male teenager and I just thought I’d be bored during the duration of the show. Wrong.

Fitz and the Tantrums brought so much energy to last night’s show, that my foul mood improved almost instantly when both Fitz and my new lady-crush, Noelle Scaggs, danced onto the stage to begin the show. Starting out with “Keeping Our Eyes Out”, it was obvious where my attention would be the entire show.

Noelle fucking Scaggs. Goodness.

Perspiring a sultry sex appeal, even with each towel wipe, it continued to exude into the eyes of the audience. Sandwiched in between a couple who obviously made a stop at White Castle before the show, I witnessed her swinging hips which coupled with the soulfulness of her electrifying voice, somehow took me back to an era well before my time. I could only think that she time travelled from the 50s to perform. She continuously and successfully pumped up the crowd with each song, all while remaining sexy and increasing my jealousy. I wish I could stay the same for Fitz. His energy level didn’t come close to that of his band-mate, Noelle, and sometimes seemed a little forced.

Before entering into another song, Fitz told a story about the perfect day. This “perfect day” included a half day at work, perfect weather, no traffic, and unfortunately, coming home to hear Maxwell and seeing your woman “fucking” another man. Okay, Fitz. I’ll give you another shot.

The drummer rocked a Columbus Clippers tee which was without question from Homage. Swoon. The multi-talented man playing saxophone, notably the bari sax (the best one), whaled on song after song sporting the tightest embouchure I’ve ever beheld, going from high to low notes with ease.

The show ended with the song, “The Walker”, but the audience remained in an attempt to entice the band with applause and cheering, to come back. Even then, there were still a considerable amount of people who stayed to hear their most popular song, “Moneygrabber”.

Mentioning that they are “forever in your debt”, Fitz thanked “CD101” in their effort to help support Fitz and the Tantrums when they were still relatively unknown.

While Fitz, in some parts of the show, could have been a bit livelier, there most likely isn’t a way to match Noelle Scaggs’ energy and talent without fainting. The Fitz and the Tantrums tour rolls on with scheduled dates on the west coast into next month. Forget what you thought you knew about Fitz and the Tantrums, as they brought it last night. Hard.

Photos by Matt Ellis of Matt Ellis Photography.

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