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Show Review: Django Django

Briana Henry Briana Henry Show Review: Django Django
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Django Django, both D’s are silent.

Last night, Django Django played a sold out show at The Newport. Lead singer, guitar player, and dance commander, Vincent Neff announced, “We’re Django Django from Britain” before breaking into their fourth dance-worthy song.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of Django Django because of rave reviews from the pages of the UK based magazine, NME. They post regularly on the “genius” of Oasis, in which I am in disagreement. NME and I see eye to eye on their choice of Django Django’s self-titled album as one of the top albums of 2012. In a sea of people, I noticed people dancing and a general excitement to see a newer, rising band playing for the first time at The Newport.

Django Django has some slight industrial elements and seems to pay homage to the 80’s that isn’t annoying or overpowering. A friend standing close by mentioned that they sound a bit Muse-y. Bass player, Jimmy Dixon, played with a soldier-like quiet confidence, in which I especially enjoyed during an unexpected break down of their hit “Default”. Each time David Maclean came in contact with any part of his drum set, I knew he was ensuring that I’d have a headache, but without the regret in the morning unlike that one night stand from a week ago. Synthesizer/keyboard/biggest-tambourine-I’d-ever-seen player, Tommy Grace, danced to every song while providing music to also make the audience dance. I even got that one-legged Midwestern pulse thing my limbs usually reserve for friends’ bands.

The highlight of the show came during “Default”. The band played a more upbeat version while the crowd went wild with excitement for the CD102.5 hit. The break down included an old-fashioned introduction of each band member, provided by Neff. Although “Default” is one of my favorite jams on the album, “Firewater” took over that spot after seeing it performed live.

This one is a must see. Django Django will perform tomorrow in Chicago at the Metro, and seeing them would be the perfect way to start off the weekend. Their tour continues to Minnesota before heading to the west coast. Declaring their love for Columbus, I foresee another show, but perhaps only after they release their second album.

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