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Short Order: Vincenzo’s Pepperoni Bread

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Vincenzo’s Pepperoni Bread
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For thirty years, Vincenzo’s has been a destination point for hearty appetites. Located in the corner of a strip mall on 161 and Sawmill, it’s offered carry-out Italian fare since the dawn of time — long before it became a staple in virtually every grocery store.

If there’s anything Vincenzo’s should be famous for, it has to be the pepperoni bread ($12.99). Look at it. Who doesn’t want to eat that? It is loaf-sized, and far too large for one person to consume. Although the bread shares relevant similarities with pizza (as evidenced by the lush supply of pepperoni, cheese and bread), it somehow comes off as altogether different.

The bread that swirls around the fillings is more supple -it holds more moisture than the typical pizza crust. And the pepperoni and cheeses that you see on top? They’re not just on top of the loaf, the flavorful fillings tunnel all the way down forming a magical ring of briny happiness inside the loaf. The generosity of Vincenzo’s fillings is especially notable in a world that is flooded with breads that boast flavors that appear only on the top (Yes, I’m looking at you, Panera Cheese Breads).

Inside Vincenzo’s, there will be distractions on the path to the pepperoni bread. The front of the store is a maze of shelves of wine that interfere with the direct path to the deli counter. Then there will be coolers filled with a bevy of salads, meatballs, sausages and entrees with sauce and cheese melted on them. Then sandwiches. Fight through all the temptation to make it to the cash register area, that’s where the breads are waiting. Of course, there’s no reason not to load up on the other stuff too.

You can find Vincenzo’s at 6393 Sawmill Road. For Trader Joe’s fans, it’s in the same shopping center.

For more information, visit www.govincenzos.com.


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