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Short Order: Shud-Upa-Yo-Face

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Shud-Upa-Yo-FacePhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Put it in Your Face Sandwich Cart isn’t quite a food truck. As the name suggests, it’s a diminutive food cart. That said, the cart puts out great big flavors from a menu that’s just as formidable as anything with a steering wheel and an engine, and the sandwich cart makes appearances at food truck venues and festivals, just like a big boy.

The company bio explains its bravado: co-owner Rob McClaskey has a resume that includes stints as tour chef for the Eagles, Van Halen, Rascal Flats and the mercurial Taylor Swift. If it’s good enough for Swiftie, it’s probably good enough for us too. Had we known about McClaskey’s prestigious history, we would have had a few more questions for him. The baseball cap he wore, with a cool Van Halen logo sprawled across the front, should have been a hint.

Near the top of the cart’s menu board is a particular sandwich called Shud-Upa-Yo-Face. It’s a tall heap of pretzel bun, brisket, and fixin’s. While the height can be intimidating, the tender softness of the combined mass allows it to collapse just enough to fit within the range of human jaw extension. Mildly messy: the brisket was tender, chunky and (most importantly) plentiful. Teamed with a melted supply of provolone and endless loops of grilled onions, peppers and a house-made giardiniera spread.

While the pretzel bun was the Van Halen chef’s recommendation, there are other ways to build the sandwich: pita, sub bun, or some sort of grilled tortilla option that involves “crispy cheese” encrusting.

Beyond the Shud-Upa-Yo-Face, there are a bevy of other sandwich offerings, combos built on seasoned, braised pork or chicken. There’s also a vegetarian sandwich. It’s a world of opportunities to try different things, and maybe, during a slow time, strike up a conversation: What does Sammy Hagar eat?

For more information, visit putitinyourfacesandwichcart.com


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