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Short Order: Pita Hut Grille’s Late Night Eats

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Pita Hut Grille’s  Late Night EatsA sliced open, custom stuffed pita from Pita Hut Grille. Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Things move fast at Pita Hut Grille, so it’s best to be prepared to order when your time at the counter arrives. Open til midnight daily, it offers late-night fare that won’t foster intense regret the next morning. Its menu includes pita sandwiches in an array of flavors, none of which is better than the chicken version. 

Each sandwich starts with a pita. It’s sliced open on-the-spot, then stuffed with a combo of vegetables, sauce, and meat direct from the grill. While some versions of the menu promise only the basic condiments, like lettuce and tomato, other versions mention the addition of pickled items and sauce.

The masterpiece in hand features diced cucumber, tart pickles and soft marinated red cabbage . . . along with the tomatoes, lettuce, and chopped, grilled chicken. It’s all tied together with a generous supply of a glorious sauce that’s infused with a fragrant hint of curry flavor, making the outcome a cut above your regular stuffed pita pocket.

For more serious eating, you can upsize the sandwich with a combo and score some thick fries and a soda on the side. Better yet, make a bigger upsizing commitment, and go with a platter, which will add hummus or baba ghannoug and two salads (choices include cauliflower, Jerusalem, and a very green tabouleh).

There’s a lot to explore in this tiny spot. You can check out some of its wares at the counter, as the veggie-based pita fillings are lined up in a colorful array of temptation. In addition to pitas and lots of salad, the menu also include meat pies, sambosa, falafel, and a counter of baklava, stacked high. 

Pita Hut Grille can be found at 4965 N. High Street.  You can score its eats any way you like: there’s online ordering, carryout, and sparkly clean booths for dining in. For more information, visit pitahutgrill.com.

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