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Short Order: NAICCO Cuisine

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: NAICCO CuisineNAICCO Pocket - Photos by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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NAICCO stands for the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio. NAICCO Cuisine is then the culinary ambassador of the center, in the form of a giant food truck, often bedecked in flags and distinguished by its graphic designs that pay tribute to Native American culture. The truck has a full summer schedule lined up this season, which means there are ample local opportunities to check it out.

Start with the NAICCO Pocket. It’s a house specialty, built on the glory of a traditional fry bread. And when we say “pocket,” we’re not talking about a thin pocket, like something made with a wonton, tortilla, or even a more substantial pita bread. The fried shell in the NAICCO Pocket is a well-established cushion providing at least a half-inch of poofy, bready gloriousness. So it is, indeed, both bread AND fried. 

And inside the pocket? There’s still plenty of room to pack in a seasoned mixture of good-quality lean ground beef, dotted with corn and tomatoes. It’s at least two-fists worth of food, served with sour cream and banana peppers on the side. 

Other options on the menu include the house version of tacos (built on more fry bread) and also a Bison Burger – it’s a lean patty presented in classic style with cheese and a soft bun, plus creamed corn on the side. Thousand Island and (or) A1 are the suggested condiments. 

NAICCO, the center itself, is located on the South Side. Its food truck that travels throughout the city helps fulfill NAICCO’s commitment to both social and economic development in the community, along with cultural preservation. The truck provides opportunities for employment and community collaboration. At the same time, it celebrates and promotes traditional foods; the house website describes the menu as Native American street food, so it represents a fusion of old and new Native American traditions from across the country.  

You can learn more about NAICCO’s mission, and opportunities to connect to its food truck schedule at its website, naicco.com.

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