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Short Order: Meatball Mafia

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Meatball Mafia
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Meatball Mafia has a great name. It’s got alliteration, humorous cultural references, and…it’s got meatballs! What more could you want?

You might expect Meatball Mafia’s menu to be dominated by the meatballs, and that expectation would be accurate. The menu offers meatballs and meatball subs in variations that team them with cheese, pasta salad, and occasionally, sausage and pepperoni, too (that’d be the Satriale Bowl). 

About the meatballs: They are worthy. Definitely made in-house, they’re initially defined by what they are NOT. They are not rubbery, mass-produced orbs that bear little resemblance to any sort of meat. Instead, the house meatballs are nicely-shaped globes that hold together well, but retain that natural, meaty texture. That’s an accomplishment. 

To gild the lily: They’re teamed with sauce – perfectly sweet and tomatoey. And cheese. And lots of offerings come with a dollop of ricotta. In theory, the addition of ricotta seemed…potentially pretentious for a meatball shack. But in practice, ricotta is the absolute jam. There’s enough of the dewy, white cheese to complement every bite. Something about its rich mildness teams nicely with the other meatball elements, and it leaves you wondering…

What else should I be eating with ricotta?

On meatball orders, there’s also a slice of bread, it works to clean up the bowl and savor the last bits of sauce. Don’t like meatballs? The Mafia has your back: There are plenty of sausage sandwiches and pizzas (all meatball free) on the menu as well.  

The Meatball Mafia got its start as a food truck. It’s been settled in at Center Street Market for a while now there. Given the conversation at the counter, it may be there to stay. Per convo, food truck life can be…exciting. Stability is nice. So count on finding your meatballs at 5354 Center St. in Hilliard.

For more information, visit themeatballmafia.com.

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