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Short Order: Block’s Bagels

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Block’s BagelsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Block’s Bagels has long been the local Columbus headquarters for bagels — real bagels. The business made its debut as a modest bagel stop here in town back in 1967. This was well before before bagels were a mainstream midwestern snack. Over the years, bagels have grown in popularity, and perhaps waned a bit too, as low-carb diets are currently trending. Throughout the changing tides, Block’s has been a constant.

At present, the operation has two locations; one in Bexley, and one farther east. Both locations offer much more than bagels, with plenty of options for a full breakfast or lunch. For purists, though, the bagels themselves make Block’s worth seeking out. This has to do, in part, with the preparation process: Block’s bagels are boiled. They’re baked too, but the boiling step gives the rounds a quality that is distinctive. An almost-shiny crust gives way to a substantial, dense, chewy, but miraculously still tender bread. It’s what makes a bagel special, and what separates Block’s versions from a host of miserable chew-toy bagels on the local market.

Block’s boils and bakes bagels in a paralyzing array of  flavors: pumpernickle, rye, sun-dired tomato. It was too many to consider, so it made sense to just begin with a traditional version. It’s a fine way to appreciate the pure carby goodness of a real bagel. From there, the Everything Bagel is a good next move. It’s densely coated in a briny mix of oniony, garlicky, salty goodness: aggressive on the outside, soft and comforting on the the inside (this is even better with cream cheese).

For those who need more from a bagel place, there are breakfast options, as well as salads: tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, whitefish salad. Tossed salads are options too, as well as sandwiches made with and without bagels.

There’s also a cookie department that demands investigation. They’re big, oversized cookies, in flavors that include chocolate chip and oatmeal. Better yet, there are old-fashioned brownies, dense with lids of glistening chocolate frosting.

But back to the bagel business, proper: you’ll find Block’s and its bagels at 3012 E. Broad St., and at 6115 McNaughten Center.

For more information, visit blocksbagelsdeli.com.

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