Short North White Castle to be Redeveloped

Walker Evans Walker Evans Short North White Castle to be RedevelopedPhoto by Walker Evans.
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On April 1st, we announced that the Short North White Castle would be torn down and replaced with a new mixed-use apartment development. Of course, that was an April Fools Day joke.

Today, we’re reporting that the Short North White Castle will be torn down and replaced with a new mixed-use apartment development. This time, no joke.

Borror Properties is partnering with White Castle on a plan to raze the existing single-story structure to replace with a multi-story building that would house a new White Castle on the ground floor along with additional retail spaces, multiple floors of office and residential space on top, and a parking garage structure in back of the building.

“I saw the April Fools Day headline and thought that someone else was putting in a development proposal with White Castle, and we had already been working with them for six months at that point in time,” recalled Jeff Baur, Executive VP of Borror Properties. “After I finally calmed down and read the whole thing I started laughing. It was classic.”

Further details on the building are not being announced at this point in time, and Borror does not have an established timeline for the project. Baur said that his team has not yet gone to the Victorian Village Commission yet, and does not have renderings of what the new building will look like.

The renovated White Castle restaurant is expected to seat 60, feature a larger kitchen and showcase a modern updated look.

“Our family has been serving Sliders since 1921, and we are always looking for new opportunities to satisfy our customers,” said Lisa Ingram, president of White Castle. “We want to expand and enrich the White Castle experience on High Street, and our plans for this location should do just that.”

Borror Properties is simultaneously working on multiple projects in the Victorian Village and Italian Village neighborhoods including:

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