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Short North White Castle Building Gets Another Design Update

Walker Evans Walker Evans Short North White Castle Building Gets Another Design UpdateRenderings provided by Borror Properties — Design by DesignGroup.
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The evolution of the proposed White Castle Building continues as the project has gotten another major design update as of today. Representatives from Borror Properties met with the Victorian Village Commission this afternoon to provide new details on the project.

“The scale and the mass have changed dramatically,” said Jeff Baur, Executive Vice President of Borror Properties. “We’re down to six stories on High Street and eight stories on the alley — just under a 30 percent reduction in the building size.”

Baur stated that the reduction in the project’s size comes from Commission feedback balanced with the company’s goals and the desire to provide more public parking spaces for visitors to The Short North. The project, originally announced in April of this year, called for a seven story building fronting High Street with a step back to an 11-story portion of the building on the northwest end. The original proposal called for the development of between 140 and 150 apartment units, 266 parking spaces (some public and some private), 10,000 square feet of office space and 12,000 square feet of retail, with White Castle operating a new store as an anchor tenant. The project was updated in May with a striking exterior design and the conversion another floor from residential to office use.

The new update today sees a reduction in apartment units to 98, with nine being live/work hybrid units on the third floor of the building.

“We’re excited about the hybrid units, which will be residential, but zoned for office use,” said Baur. “They will be bigger two bedroom units that can be used as a home office. This will be a unique alternative to commercial offices.”

The parking garage size has also been reduced to a total of 206 spaces with 100 spots available as public parking.

The complete overhaul to the architectural design of the building is due to a new architect working on the project. Berardi+Partners, who designed the two previous iterations, will remain the architect of record, but Michael Bongiorno of DesignGroup was brought on board to redesign the building. 

The Victorian Village Commission is scheduled to review the project at the upcoming November 12th meeting.

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Renderings provided by Borror Properties — Design by DesignGroup.



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