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Shop Talk: Terry & Cathy Daniels

Walker Evans Walker Evans Shop Talk: Terry & Cathy Daniels
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The Columbus Dispatch wrote SHOP TALK: Terry & Cathy Daniels

Thursday, September 27, 2007

By Kristy Eckert

Describe your shop, which sells clothing and accessories for men and women.

Terry: We like to call it really a fusion of contemporary and classic designs.

You teamed with Zettler Hardware, across the street, to push for the area being called “Red Brick District.” How is that going?

Terry: We started encouraging the rest of the business owners to buy into it — which they did. . . . We’re missing probably just another little restaurant.

Cathy: Or a coffee shop — just something to keep people around.

Terry: So the Red Brick District is just starting to take off. . . . It’s still a grass-roots campaign on . . . (our) part to kind of get this thing up and running.


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