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Shop Talk: On Paper Celebrates 20 Years in Short North

Randi Walle Randi Walle Shop Talk: On Paper Celebrates 20 Years in Short NorthAll photos by Randi Walle.
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This year, On Paper stationery store celebrates 20 years of business in the Short North. Located at 737 N. High St., the store offers a variety of paper, cards, and small home goods. The staff specialize in helping customers personalize stationery, greeting cards, and wedding invitations.

Owner Joan Schnee first opened her stationery store in 1997 in what was then the north end of the Short North. Although Schnee described the area she moved into as rough, she was excited to turn her paper hobby into her career. Over the next two decades, Schnee witnessed construction projects and cleanup efforts in the area that transformed the Short North into what it is today. As the Short North expanded, the shopping and dining district grew around her space, and now On Paper is located in the heart of the area.

Schnee has seen her fair share of businesses coming and going over the years. She credits her success to a couple things. First, her ability to stay objective. As competition moved into the area, she had to make savvy business decisions to compete. She kept her objectivity in making those decisions and did not let her personal attachment to products impede her decisions. Second, she credits the loyalty of the Short North shoppers. Those who frequent the area love to support local independent businesses, such as On Paper.

When asked what advice Schnee would pass onto someone just starting their independent business journey, she said, “Have a clear concept and don’t muddle it.” She stressed the importance of knowing what your goal is and sticking to it. Schnee is grateful that as the On Paper brand has become established she has been able to branch out a little and offer new products to keep customers interested.

Greeting cards and thank you notes are some of On Paper’s biggest sellers. The store has a wide selection of cards for all occasions from birthdays, to weddings, to babies, to anniversaries. Another big part of the business is personalized wedding invitations. The team at On Paper are all artistically and creatively educated, and they work with clients to achieve the wedding invitation of their dreams.

In addition to stationery, greeting cards, and invitations, On Paper stocks home goods from independent businesses. Leather journals, candles, and handmade jewelry can all be found in the shop. Schnee has relationships with small, independent businesses both locally and internationally that supply the goods for her shop. She also receives submissions frequently from local businesses, and she works with owners to curate a product that fits in On Paper.

On Paper is hosting sales and events throughout the year to celebration their 20 years of business in the Short North.

For more information on the ongoing anniversary celebration of On Paper, follow them on Instagram @onpaperohio, or visit onpaper.com.

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