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Shop Talk: New Gym in Lewis Center Combines Cardio and Strength Training

Randi Walle Randi Walle Shop Talk: New Gym in Lewis Center Combines Cardio and Strength TrainingAll photos by Randi Walle
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The fitness scene in Columbus continues to grow with the addition of a new gym in Lewis Center at 6297 Pullman Drive. Chicago-based Shred415 follows a unique model that allows everyone to have a complete and personalized workout.

Shred415 Lewis Center Owner Dustin Speaks opened the gym earlier this year after taking a class at a Shred415 gym in Indianapolis. Speaks has always been interested in fitness, and he loves how the model of Shred415 connects physical and emotional health with community. Last year, he traveled with his now studio manager, Andrew Rickly, to Chicago to learn the ropes, and together they opened the Lewis Center location in June 2019.

The gym’s name is derived from the workout model it follows – four 15-minute intervals. The workout alternates cardio and high intensity interval training (HIIT) for a full-body workout. A typical instructor-led class contains 30 participants, with 15 starting on treadmills and 15 starting on the floor. Every 15 minutes, the groups swap. The workouts strive to be effective and engaging for everyone.

Exercises can be personalized and modified to fit each individual. Class participants self-select their own starting point and the instructor coaches them on where to go from there. Participants are encouraged to push past their own comfort zone for one to two minutes and then recover for a brief period before doing it again. For example, participants on the floor would be instructed to pick up a “heavy weight” instead of a specific weight, allowing participants to decide what feels heavy to them. On the treadmills, participants would be encouraged to increase speed or incline by .1 to .5 from their starting point instead of a specific speed or incline. This method allows all participants, from novice to seasoned pros, to benefit from the workout simultaneously.

In lieu of a traditional membership, Shred415 offers several options for classes. The first class is always free. After that, participants can pay per class, pay for a specified number of classes, or pay for unlimited classes on a month-to-month basis. The gym offers a fully-stocked locker room, complete with towel service. They also offer childcare for most classes, where kids can hangout with games, toys, coloring and a TV.

Shred415 strives to be “more than a workout” for the fitness community, but creates a family-friendly environment and participates in activities outside of the gym. Once a week they do pop-up events in the community, usually collaborating with another local business, to offer an outdoor workout and family activities. Shred415 also frequently brings treats into the gym, like ice cream, local coffee, and chips & dip for participants to enjoy together after their workout.

For more information, visit Shred415.com, or follow the gym on social media @Shred415LewisCenter.

All photos by Randi Walle

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