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Shop Talk: Millennials Launch Online Sock Company

Randi Walle Randi Walle Shop Talk: Millennials Launch Online Sock CompanyPhoto by David Hopler.
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What started out as a joke about upping their sock game turned into a full-blown sock business for three young millennials. Michael Grenier, Paul Hopler, and Austen Tabor launched Keep It Simple Socks mid-November, offering customers a unique sock shopping experience.

The trend of men’s dress socks is rapidly progressing past the bulk-buying options into an art form of patterns and colors. Some department stores have started carrying trendier styles, but even those are quickly becoming dated. Instead, many shoppers are opting for an online option to score the most current designer dress socks.

Enter, Keep It Simple Socks.

With designs by millennials for millennials, the online shop carries a variety of patterns and designs.


In order to best serve their clients, the founding trio created a scale that allows shoppers to choose the intensity of their socks. Utilizing the acronym from their company name – KISS – the scale offers Simple, Sassy, Irresistible, and Krazy options. As the name implies, the Simple socks are more low key and the Krazy socks are for the bold wearer.

To date, the company offers 40 designs in their online shop. An additional service they offer is a subscription box, where customers can subscribe to have a monthly box delivered to their door containing three uniquely chosen pairs of socks.

Grenier, Hopler, and Tabor each fills a specific role in the company as President of Operations, President of Finances, and President of Marketing, respectively, utilizing their diverse backgrounds. The three met and struck up a friendship while attending the same church, and all agree on the mission of the company: Giving you the confidence to put your best foot forward.

While their company is still young, the founders have a big vision for the future. They want to expand while keeping their brand simple, as well as becoming involved in their community. They have discussed various fundraisers and awareness events they hope to participate in over the next few years.

For more information, visit www.keepitsimplesocks.com.

All photos by David Hopler.


Michael Grenier, Paul Hopler, and Austen Tabor of Keep It Simple Socks.

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