Shop Talk: Balm Skincare Launches Organic, All-Natural Online Shop

Randi Walle Randi Walle Shop Talk: Balm Skincare Launches Organic, All-Natural Online Shop
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“At the end of my day, I want to know I’m making a difference,” said Lindsey Moeller, owner and operator of Balm Skincare.

Moeller launched her organic, carcinogen-free skin care line with a mission. During her mother’s battle with cancer, Moeller helped in navigating alternative medicine and holistic healing. Through the knowledge and insight gained, Moeller began working with alternative practitioners and conducting pre-market testing of products. In November, she launched Balm.

Most drug store products have preservatives in them, allowing them to be produced in a factory, boxed and shipped in a truck across the country, and then left in a drug store for weeks waiting to be purchased. Moeller’s cleansers, buffing grains, toners, and creams are handmade to order in her herbal lab, Botavi Labs. Having no shelf life, her products are best used within a month or two, following Moeller’s motto, “No dead material on a living, breathing body.”

As in the concept, Moeller’s mother lent inspiration to the brand’s image. The dragonfly logo represents the necklace her mother always wore. The name “Balm,” itself is derived from Moeller’s and her three sisters’ first initials: Brooke, Alison, Lindsey, and Mara. With their support, Moeller wants to honor their mother’s memory by helping other women embrace natural and holistic living.

Moeller’s ultimate goal is a physical store front where she can greet customers personally and make each order on-site while they’re in her shop. She’s hoping to soon offer subscription boxes as well. In the meantime, Moeller’s plans are to collaborate with local spas and holistic healing centers, educating consumers on the products they’re using and how harmful chemicals can affect them.

Moeller is not alone in her desire to grow the Balm Skincare brand. Katie Schacht joined the Balm team last year to work on the marketing aspect of the company. Schacht not only has a background in corporate retail; her own mother is a two-time cancer survivor. Similar to Moeller’s mother’s journey, Schacht and her mom have come to realize and appreciate living naturally.

Moeller and Schacht want their passion for organic and naturally living to inspire others to pursue the same journey. They realize not everyone can sustain this lifestyle, and that there is “no convenience in being natural.” But, they believe if people put the time and effort into educating themselves and embracing the lifestyle changes, they’ll enjoy the benefits of living toxin-free.

For more information on Balm Skincare, visit their website www.balm-skincare.com.

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