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Shop Local Holiday Guide: What The Rock?!

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The final week of holiday shopping is upon us! That means that if you still have gifts to buy for friends and loved ones, your time is winding down. In order to assist, we’ve reached out to a wide variety of local shops, stores, and boutiques to find out which of their three most popular “must have” items can still be found on their shelves.

Next we have 3 suggestions from Heather Ziegler, Co-Owner of What The Rock?!, a rock and roll boutique in The Short North.

“Continuum’s “33 1/3″ series of short books about specific albums of the last 40 years is the perfect gift for the discerning  audiophile. They can read all about their favorite albums! Some go into the technical aspects of the making of the album, some talk about it’s importance in music’s history, and others just gush about why the album is so great and what it means to them. Some feature interviews with band members and fans. Each volume is written by a different author and the albums are taken from all genres. Check out various titles like Vol. 16 about The Replacements’ Let It Be written by Colin Meloy of The Decemberists.”

“Drinking from your Rock & Roll coffee mug is the perfect way to get over that hangover. These dishwasher safe mugs feature wrap around photos of your favorite classic rock and punk bands including The Who, David Bowie, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, and Queen. There is a smaller photo on the inside rim of every mug as well. Imported from England!”

“Breakfast Dental Floss – Who needs actual breakfast? Start off your day by using the coffee flavor floss on your lower teeth, then switch over to the waffle and bacon flavors for your uppers. This way you leave the house flossed, satisfied and on time. Perfect for any CUer on the go. Did we mention the bacon flavored floss? Three flavors of floss, each in their own dispenser containing 4 yards each.”

More information can be found online at www.whattherock.com.

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