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Shop Local Holiday Guide: Skreened

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The final week of holiday shopping is upon us! That means that if you still have gifts to buy for friends and loved ones, your time is winding down. In order to assist, we’ve reached out to a wide variety of local shops, stores, and boutiques to find out which of their three most popular “must have” items can still be found on their shelves.

Next we have 3 suggestions from Daniel Fox, Owner of Skreened, an ethical T-Shirt company in Clintonville.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the indie comedy hit that made it big. In a season 5 episode 8, Mac wears this shirt simply saying RIOT in Century Gothic as he stares blankly at Charley’s kitten mitton pitch video.”

“F*ck Life – Eat Hotdogs: 2009 was the year of the filthy frankfurter brought to us by Liz and Harold. Nothing says committed urbanite like a Dirty Frank’s Hotdog Palace tee.”

“Your Mom Likes This: Despite real life, most of us would rather spend our time commenting on short synopses of our friends likes, dislikes and activities on Facebook. Wear a Facebook shirt into real life and blur the cyber/reality border. Your mom will love it.”

“And of course, you can design your own tee shirt for that special someone. It makes a great last minute gift and order pick ups at the Clintonville store always available and save time and a few bucks on shipping.”

More information can be found online at skreened.com.

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