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Shop Local Holiday Guide: Candle Lab

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Only a few shopping days remain! That means that if you still have gifts to buy for friends and loved ones, your time is almost up! In order to assist, we’ve reached out to a wide variety of local shops, stores, and boutiques to find out which of their most popular “must have” items can still be found on their shelves.

Next we have 2 suggestions from Steve Weaver at The Candle Lab, a local candle-making boutique with locations in Grandview and Worthington.

“Pour Your Own Candle – Grab some friends and spend an evening of fun and creativity at The Candle Lab.  Each person can pour their own candles, mixing a couple of our 120+ fragrance oils together to create your own custom candle.  Our candles combine all natural soy-based wax, cotton paper wicks, and pure fragrance oils to make a long-lasting and pure-burning candle.  We offer 12 different candle containers and a variety of gift packaging, so you can leave with a personalized gift that was bought at a local retailer and hand-made by you.  The candles take about an hour to set up, so that gives you time to grab a drink or dinner while you wait.  We will even deliver your candles to your table as soon as they’re ready!”

“Soy Candle Gift Packs – include four of our most popular candles in smaller sample sizes.  The 2oz candles will each burn for about 15-20 hours and fill a bedroom or bathroom.  They also make great travel candles for the people on your list that spend time in hotels.  We offer ten different gift packs with different themes, so you can find a mix of fragrances for everyone on your list.  Our gift packs include Fresh and Clean, Wildflowers, Citrus Grove, Happy Holidays, Winter Bliss, Fall Harvest, Hippie Mix, Day at the Spa, and Vacation.  We also offer custom 4 packs with custom labels, so you can design your own gift packs.”

More information can be found online at www.thecandlelab.com.

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