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Columbus Mayoral Race: Scott Responds to Investigation Announcement

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Mayoral Race: Scott Responds to Investigation AnnouncementPhoto by Jesse Bethea.
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Yesterday, City Council President and Columbus Mayoral Candidate Andrew Ginther proclaimed vindication from the ongoing investigation surrounding the Redflex right light camera company and their admissions of bribing public officials in Columbus. Local lobbyist John Raphael pled guilty to “interference to commerce by threats” and stated that no bribery had actually taken place.

Mayoral Candidate Zach Scott spoke with Columbus Underground on the phone yesterday afternoon to say that Raphael’s admission of guilt continues to cast a shadow on the political landscape of the current administration at the city of Columbus.

“It’s a sad day for Columbus when an a individual that close to the establishment pleads guilty,” said Scott. “Many refer to him as a political godfather. It’s unfortunate that scandals continue to follow Ginther around, whether it’s data rigging at the schools, or the championship tickets he didn’t pay for. These allegations hurt his reputation.”

Scott added that Raphael’s admission does not mean that public officials are in the clear.

“Raphael is talking about extortion, not bribery, and there’s a big distinction,” he said. “The FBI is continuing to say that this case is ongoing, according to Lucas Sullivan at The Dispatch. He has confirmation from the FBI that the bribery investigation is still ongoing.”

Ginther’s campaign countered Scott’s claim, pointing to a release from the FBI yesterday stating that says “the case was investigated”, noting the past tense, and stating that this means that the investigation has closed.

“The insinuation that there is an ongoing investigation of which I am a part is a false and malicious rumor manufactured by my opponent in this race,” said Ginther.

The FBI release also states: “This information only contains a charge against John Raphael and should not be construed as a reflection on the guilt or innocence of any other individual.”

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