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April Fools Day: Seventh Son Brewing Launches NFT Beers For Sale

Best of CU Best of CU April Fools Day: Seventh Son Brewing Launches NFT Beers For Sale
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Press Release:

Seventh Son is pleased to announce that it is diving headfirst into the virtual world with an exciting new series of beers called “Dark Web”. 

“We have always tried to innovate and consciously push the boundary of what is, and is not, craft beer,” stated Co-Founder Collin Castore. “Does a beer need to be a beer to be a beer…. or does the concept of that beer constitute a viable and unique experience for the consumer?”

Dark Web beers will be sold online only as NFTs with each beer available as a single can, or in a 6 pack format. Initial plans only call for 12oz cans; however Castore alluded to the possibility of an even more limited release of 16oz 4 packs if the initial beers are well received. Each NFT will be a video of a Seventh Son brewer, founder, or bartender drinking either the single beer or the 6 pack. There will be no commentary or notes from the brewery before or during the video.  This will allow for a purely experiential and unbiased tasting by the purchaser of the NFT. 

“We expect these beers to be a big hit on sites such as Untappd where too often tasting the beer gets in the way of the ratings. In addition, from a logistic standpoint, ingredient costs will be way down and it should help ease some of our supply chain aluminum can issues as well,” said Seventh Son Brewmaster, Colin Vent.

Expect the first Dark Web release to coincide with the brewery’s second annual, 7th Anniversary to be held on April 20, 2021. The Dark Web NFT’s are expected to retail between $19.99 and $49,999.99. 

For more information, visit www.seventhsonbrewing.com.

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