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Seventh Son Heads North for Next Expansion with Getaway Brewing

Susan Post Susan Post Seventh Son Heads North for Next Expansion with Getaway BrewingSeventh Son will open Getaway Brewing at Bridge Park in April - Renderings provided by The Getaway Brewing Co. and Dune House Creative
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Seventh Son Brewing has something we could all use right about now. No, not just alcohol, but a getaway…The Getaway Brewing Co., that is. 

Just as the brewery ventured out with sour-focused Antiques on High, Getaway Brewing will bring a worldly view of beer to Bridge Park in Dublin this spring.

Seventh Son Co-Owner Collin Castore says the brewery has always liked to experiment with new styles and was ready to do another project with its own feel.

That feel will be exploring different styles of beer from around the world. Getaway Brewing has an overarching theme, “The best beer you’ve had on the favorite vacation of your life,” Castore says.

There’s also the glorious mascot that is the 1985 Canadian model Dodge Getaway van that was originally purchased for Antiques on High, which had some influence on the brewery’s name.

Castore says environment plays such an important part in that favorite beer experience, and it’s something they want to capture with the new location.

Getaway Brewing will occupy 4,000 square feet of space on the Old Dublin side of Bridge Park at 104 N. High St. The northern most space in the development and across the parking garage entrance from neighbors like Condado, The Avenue and The Pearl, Castore says the space is set apart, giving it a different feel. It also sports one of the most unique patios in the development. Overlooking the ravine for Indian Run and the Scioto River, Getaway Brewing will transform the space into an all-glass patio greenhouse. (See feature rendering.)

Castore says as much as Antiques on High is dark, cozy and inviting, Getaway Brewing will be the opposite – light, bright and filled with plants.

Jenine Monks has worked with the brewery on all three of its spaces and is starting her own design firm, Dune House Creative

Inside, most of the space will be dedicated to bar seating. Getaway Brewing won’t have its own kitchen, but plans to work with its neighbors on some elevated carryout options.

Now, the beer. German, Japanese and Foreign Export Stouts top the list of Getaway Brewing beer styles. Castore says this venture will be about playing around with different and lighter styles that they haven’t been able to explore as much with Antiques’ focus on sours and hazy styles and Seventh Son as a more traditional craft brewery.

A German Pilsner, Foreign Export Stout, Helles Lager, Munich Lager and Japanese Rice Lager are all on the early list of drafts. A few other beers with extra, non-traditional ingredients are also in the testing phases.

Getaway Brewing will have 36 taps total. Eighteen will be dedicated to beer – 10 to 12 Getaway Brewing, and three to four each for Seventh Son and Antiques on High.

Wort for Getaway Brewing’s beers will be made at Seventh Son and transferred up north to a unitank system – meaning beers will be fermented, finished and served directly from the tank at the new brewery.

Cocktails, wine and Kitty Paw will occupy the remaining tap lines. Castore says Getaway Brewing will have a robust cocktail and draft cocktail program similar to Antiques on High, but again based on the notion of best drinks on the best vacation.

A look at the patio overlooking the ravine

Castore says they are excited to be in a new and developing part of the city, and meet some new customers.

While they love Italian Village and the Brewery District, “Just in terms of real logistics, Columbus is growing a ton up north,” Castore says. And all those folks up north could be looking at a 20 to 40 minute drive to Seventh Son or Antiques on High depending on the day.

A chance meeting, good timing and good luck connected Seventh Son and Bridge Park developer Crawford Hoying. Plans were put in motion in late 2019 – pre-pandemic. Seventh Son secured the funding from its investors and one week later, everything stopped.

Seventh Son and Crawford Hoying agreed to take a breather, pushing construction kickoff back to late fall 2020.

“The Getaway is going to be an incredibly fun place for the entire community,” said Crawford Hoying Principal Bob Hoying. “Whether you want to drop in for a drink after work, hang out with friends on the weekend, or stop by on the way to dinner, The Getaway will offer an experience for everyone. It’s the perfect addition to the neighborhood.”

Getaway Brewing is aiming for an early April opening. Castore says it has been great for he and the staff to have something positive to look forward to after the year that was 2020.

Closing hours will be dictated by lingering curfews, but in non-COVID times, Getaway Brewing will be open from 3 p.m. – midnight during the week, 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. – midnight Sunday.

For more information, visit getawaybrewing.com.

All renderings provided by The Getaway Brewing Co. and Dune House Creative
Photos by Susan Post

Getaway Brewing will occupy the northern most space on the Old Dublin side of Bridge Park
The brewery is located right next to the parking garage
Looking up from Getaway Brewing’s new space
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