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Seven Studios Partners with Snap Fitness in Bexley for Second Location

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Seven Studios Partners with Snap Fitness in Bexley for Second LocationJulie Wilkes has opened a second Seven Studios in Bexley. Photo by Matt Reese of Commons Studio.
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Seven Studios has opened a second location in Bexley at 2408 E. Main St. in collaboration with the Snap Fitness.

“Tony Capuano [owner of multiple Snap Fitness locations in Columbus reached out to me about six months ago,” said Seven Studios owner Julie Wilkes, “He heard about me both from a contact at EDCI (the Economic Community Development Institute) where I won a kickstarter campaign and from a liaison at Kaufman Development who knew both of us and said that we had to get together to make Columbus a healthier place.”

One of the newest Snap Fitness facilities in Columbus, the Bexley facility is very clean and spacious and has generous parking. The padded-floor area in the rear of the gym will be set up for Seven’s classes, including hot yoga. Manager Ethan McGhee says multiple large doors to the area at the rear can be closed to keep heat in.

“It should reach 80 to 90 degrees,” said McGhee. A privacy curtain will screen the classes from the other fitness activities.

Seven Studios Bexley location. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Seven Studios Bexley location. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

The location in Bexley also houses a Native juice cafe. The juice bar not only aligns with Seven Studios and Snap Fitness’ goals of wellness, but it also offers some discounts to their fitness customers.

Wilkes and her teaching staff will hold 16 classes, including yoga, yoga sculpt, HIITS and pilates, per week at the 2408 E. Main St. location in Bexley. Based on feedback, more classes could be added within a few weeks. Other activities by Seven staff may follow at other Snap Fitnesses in the future. Since starting Seven Studios in 2013, Wilkes has had an eye on national expansion and licensing.

Diagnosed with a heart condition as a child, Wilkes worked hard to gain her health and outlive her 12-year prognosis. “I was given a second chance at life for a reason,” she believes. Wilkes is an advocate for increasing health and wellness in all facets of life. She won awards as a North American Wellness Lead with Accenture. Wilkes will also chair the yoga activities at this year’s Arnold Classic.

There are a number of packages available for those patrons who want only yoga to those who want a combined membership with Snap Fitness and Seven Studios in both their Downtown Columbus (275 S. Third St.) and Bexley location.

Seven Studios now offers classes at 2804 E. Main St., Bexley, OH 43209. Classes can be booked through Seven Studios 7-studios.com/bexley.

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