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Seven Story Apartment Building Proposed Near Topiary Park

Brent Warren Brent Warren Seven Story Apartment Building Proposed Near Topiary ParkThe lot in 2016, photo by Walker Evans.
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A local developer is looking for feedback from the city on a proposal for the southwest corner of East Town Street and Washington Avenue Downtown, across from the Topiary Park.

Eli Adahan, who is in contract to buy the vacant parcel from Franklin University, submitted a proposal for a seven-story apartment building to the city’s Historic Resource Commission. The submittal includes a site plan and examples of architecture from similar projects, but no elevations or renderings.

The site plan shows a building that is oriented toward the corner and that takes up most of the 0.7-acre site. It steps up from three stories along Town and Washington to seven stories in the back, with a small first floor parking garage as well as a central courtyard.

“We are just exploring options at this point,” said Adahan. “We are looking at different things to see what the city and the commission would be open to, since we know it’s a historic neighborhood.”

The proposal was presented last night to the Historic Resource Commission for conceptual review, meaning no vote was taken. It will also be required to eventually go before the Downtown Commission for review and approval.


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