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Old Worthington Welcomes New Dry Salt Therapy Spa

Randi Walle Randi Walle Old Worthington Welcomes New Dry Salt Therapy SpaPhotos by Randi Walle.
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Long-time Worthington residents and childhood friends Natalie White Scott and Stephanie Merrick Gillespie recently opened The Salt House of Worthington at 891 High St., providing a self-care amenity in Columbus.

Dry salt therapy, or “salting,” has been popular in Europe for centuries, but only recently caught in the U.S. in the past couple of decades. Scott and Gillespie now offer the salting experience, along with other spa amenities, in Old Worthington.

Scott and Gillespie grew up in the area and attended elementary school together in Worthington. Their paths and marriages took them separate directions for 30 years until recently when they ran into each other, and their friendship picked back up where it left off decades before. The two visited a salt spa together, and the wheels started turning about their own potential business future. They loved the salting experience but thought they could provide a more spa-like environment, including offering multiple services under one roof. In 2016 the pair began looking for a location, attending business classes, and meeting with a small business coach.

After two years of searching, they almost gave up hope in finding the perfect location. In July 2018 they found a house-turn-office in old Worthington and they immediately fell in love with the structure. They spent the next several months — with lots of help from family — painting, remodeling, and updating the inside of the house that was formerly a tour bus agency office. In December 2018 Scott and Gillespie had the soft opening of The Salt House, and in February they had their grand opening.

The salting experience is created in a closed room outfitted with a generator that diffuses salt crystals into the air. During the session, a guest can see, taste, and smell the salt in the air.

Salt is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory. It can improve health in many ways, including alleviating common ailments of the respiratory system and improving skin conditions. The Salt House recommends salting two or three times per week to detox and help maintain wellness by boosting the immune system.

The main level of The Salt House has two rooms where clients participate in salting — the social room and the relaxation room. The social room has a giant “sandbox” type structure in the middle of the room where kids can participate in Salty Playtime, digging and playing in the Himalayan salt crystals. The box is surrounded by park benches where parents can socialize and supervise their kids. The relaxation room has a more classic spa feel with lounge chairs, comfy pillows, relaxing music, and a salt wall.  

For an individual salting experience, there is a salt booth available on the second floor. This booth, equipped with a seat for one, allows a guest to adjust their salt exposure to create a personalized experience.

In addition to salting, the Salt House offers several other experiences. The infrared sauna utilizes special heaters that create a lower-temperature sauna experience, suited for individuals or pairs who can’t tolerate a conventional sauna. Additionally, there is a hair salon and massage room, and guests who participate in either of those can salt for half price on the same day. The Salt House also sells doTERRA essential oils and offers educational classes and wellness consultations.

The Salt House works with the Old Worthington Partnership and participates in community events. They are also open to hosting events, such as corporate team building retreats, ladies’ spa day, game nights, showers, play dates, and girls’ night out. Guests can bring in their own beverages, but they must utilize the “adult sippy cups” provided when inside the salting rooms.

Sessions last 30–45 minutes, and pricing starts at $32 for the salt rooms, the salt booth, and the infrared sauna. Services are offered a la carte or in various package deals, including a monthly membership.

For more information, visit thesalthouseofworthington.com. The Salt House is located at 891 High St., Worthington, OH 43085.

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