Schottenstein Property Group Unveils Plan for New Long Street Project

Walker Evans Walker Evans Schottenstein Property Group Unveils Plan for New Long Street ProjectRendering via Jonathan Barnes Architecture + Design.
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The surface parking lots in Downtown Columbus continue to disappear. Schottenstein Property Group (SPG) has submitted a new development proposal which calls for a mixed-use development at properties located at 154 N. Third St., 118 E. Long St. and 134 E. Long St.

The proposal includes the renovation of the five-story building at 154 N. Third St., along with a five-story addition to the east and south. The building at 134 E. Long St. would also receive an addition and renovation, and 118 E. Long St. would be renovated as well.

Last November, Columbus Underground featured this portion of East Long Street in its ongoing “Wasted Space” series, which calls attention to urban locations in Columbus that are currently underutilized, generally as surface parking lots. In that article, Dirk Greene, Vice President of Leasing for SPG, told CU Writer Brent Warren that the company was “at the beginning stages of a development plan” for that area.

If constructed as proposed, the project will include a total of 65,000 square feet of  residential space, 13,000 square feet of commercial space, 38 parking spaces, and two amenity decks. The proposal will be reviewed by the Downtown Commission at tomorrow’s monthly meeting.

Stay tuned to CU for additional updates on this proposal.

Rendering via Jonathan Barnes Architecture + Design.


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