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SBB Rebranding to “Connects Columbus,” Merging with CD102.5

Walker Evans Walker Evans SBB Rebranding to “Connects Columbus,” Merging with CD102.5
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After seven years of growth and evolution, The Small Business Beanstalk (The SBB) is making its biggest change to date. The local company is going through a rebranding effort to become “Connects Columbus” and merging into a new partnership with local radio station CD102.5.

“This year has been one of reflection, we have searched for the right local partner to help us actualize the program and make the most of everything we have done,” stated Wolf Starr, founder of The SBB. “After many many meetings with great groups, we feel confident that we have found that partner.”

Starr explained that the relationship is not a new one, with CD102.5 being a partner since the early days of The SBB.

“We have built touring band gift bags, they have distributed thousands of SBB cards through their street teams, and they have pushed our program out through the lounge, and other systems,” he said. “Most importantly they share our independent spirit, local focus, and rock n’ roll attitude.”

If there’s one thing constant about Starr’s efforts with The SBB, it’s been change. Originally launched with business-to-business services in mind, the concept evolved with a discount card for deal-seekers, a platform for gift card purchases, and an online hub with a community calendar for locals.

“Throughout the time we have progressed the conversation, watched technology evolve, we have broke barriers, spun in circles, and through it all we have built one of the nations largest shop local networks,” stated Starr.

For existing SBB card holders and deal seekers, that network will continue uninterrupted. Starr said that he will continue to serve as the Interim Director for the program for the immediate future before passing the reigns to the staff at CD102.5. He said that all deals will continue to work at their participating retailers, with new deals planned for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the 2016 holiday shopping season. Customers looking for new SBB cards will be able to find them at CD102.5’s offices or The Big Room Bar.

“As all of The SBB’s partners have grown, we’ve each gone different directions,” added Starr. “It’s been seven years, and we needed a larger group to take it to next level and make the most of of it. The goal is to take the program, make it better than ever, and leverage our combined resources to help local businesses and the consumers that support them.”

For more information, visit www.thesbb.com and www.cd1025.com.

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