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Sand Hollow Winery Celebrates First Year in Business

Walker Evans Walker Evans Sand Hollow Winery Celebrates First Year in Business
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Located just outside of Newark, Ohio, Sand Hollow Winery is an operation that will be celebrating their first year of operation next month. The facilities produce a variety of wines for visitors to the tasting room, made from imported grape juices from California and Italy.

We spoke recently with owner and vintner Jim Young to find out more about this new business. Our full Q&A can be found below:

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Q: First, can you tell us a bit about the history of your winery business?

A: After many years making wine for personal consumption I decided to take my scenic and serene farm into a destination location for wine lovers. Our winery opened last August.

Q: What types of wines have you been producing in your first year?

A: I make the standard reds and whites like Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio but specialize in Italian wines like Barolo Chianti, Montepulciano, Nero d’Avola, Valopolicella. I also have a nice selection of flavored sweet wines like Tropical Fruit Chardonnay and Wild Berry White Zinfandel. I like to say that all of our wines are very drinkable.

Q: In addition to wine production, what other uses to get out of your facilities?

A: We have a beautiful location that lends itself to small groups and weddings. And we exclusively sell our wines only in our tasting room.

Q: Anything else we should know about your wines or winery?

A: We welcome all wine drinkers regardless of your expertise. They all have a wonderful bouquet with taste that is layered for the most discriminating wine drinker. For the wine drinker that just knows what they like we have that too.

More information can be found online at www.sandhollowwine.com.

Photo via Sand Hollow Winery.

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