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Samba Fresh Pressed Juice Store Now Open in Upper Arlington

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Samba Fresh Pressed Juice Store Now Open in Upper Arlington
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The organic juice movement is one slowly building steam here in Central Ohio. Samba Fresh is one of the newest peddlers of the raw juice movement, their goal being to provide a means for customers to deliciously cleanse their mind, body, and spirit and produce clean fuel for every day life.

Samba Fresh began roughly a year ago, the project of Kitt Doss and his team, who wanted to find a way to support their local farmers, give back to their community, and promote a healthy lifestyle. The pressed juices Samba Fresh produces are 100% raw, never heated or pasteurized, and produced in small-batches in one location.

Samba’s juices come in a myriad of flavor combinations designed to help users achieve a certain effect. Belo, a mix of strawberries, orange, pear, apple, red kale, spinach, carrot, and beet, provides a boost in vigor and vitality; Detox, one of their most popular, uses a robust collection of green foods to flush the system: fennel, celery, cucumber, dandelion, arugula, mint, granny smith apple, lemon, ginger, and habanero.

The availability of certain flavors depends on the time of year. Samba Fresh only uses seasonal fruits and vegetables as their product is viable for days, not weeks, because of the by-hand process. This means their menu is constantly in flux, and freshness is guaranteed.

Doss opened Samba Fresh’s storefront on January 2nd at 4939 Dierker Road in Upper Arlington. Their hours there are 10am – 7pm, but customers can also place orders online. Samba Fresh juices are sold in individual 16 oz. bottles for $8, or juice packages can be ordered.

For those worried about consistency, Samba Fresh also offers a juice club, where different wellness packages are delivered to the client’s home or office over the course of weeks or months. Each bottle of Samba Fresh’s juice contains two pounds of fruits and/or vegetables.

“You take your car in for oil changes, why don’t you do the same for your body?” shares Doss  about the value of raw, pressed juices. “We believe that the true benefits of juice cleansing lie in shifting your mind and body to a more central place, giving yourself a chance to detoxify. We love showing people how easy it is to flood their bodies with plant-based vitamins.”

For more information, visit www.sambafresh.com.

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