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Salon Review: Nurtur the Salon

Audrey Bonfig Audrey Bonfig Salon Review: Nurtur the SalonPhotos via nurtursalon.com.
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For my first salon review, I visited the Blowdry Cafe in Upper Arlington, and for my second one, I visited Nurtur the Salon, which has locations in Upper Arlington, Grandview, and a third location opening in German Village.

The first location I visited was their Upper Arlington salon, which is located on Lane Avenue. When I walked through the door, I was greeted with a refreshing herbal fragrance, along with the exciting buzz of stylists and aestheticians going throughout their day. While I was waiting, I was offered a cup of strong, delicious coffee. My first service of the day was a facial, and I was escorted back to a private room, where the spa treatments take place. The room was very calm and zen, with rich maroon walls and statues of jolly, laughing buddha.

I was greeted by Nicci, a bubbly, charming blonde whose specialties include spa treatments and manicures. Nicci took me back to the room where my facial would take place, it had the same feeling as the waiting area, with deep purple walls, soft lighting, and relaxing music playing in the background. Before she began her work, Nicci did a brief consultation with me about my skin, what I like about it, what I don’t, and what I’d like to improve. My skin’s always been a bit on the oily side, and I’ve been prone to breakouts since I was a teenager. Nicci listened intently, and after giving me an overview of what she’d recommend, she began her work.

Every Nurtur the Salon facial comes with a special aromatherapy experience, which includes three aromas to choose from. After giving me a chance to test each one, I chose the second, which was a relaxing sandalwood scent. After applying my scent, Nicci began the experience by giving me a shoulder, hand, and foot massage. After having a lot of stress in my life, the massage was a welcome reprieve. After my massage, the facial work began.

Nicci began by gently cleansing my face, ridding it of the bit of concealer I’d placed on it that morning. Nicci then used an exfoliator on my skin, which had bits of crushed bamboo in it, and felt much better than some of the more abrasive commercial exfoliators out there. While I was lulled by the sounds of the relaxing music, Nicci finished my facial with a gentle moisturizer; at that point I was so relaxed I almost didn’t want to get up!

Before Nicci started my manicure, I was met by Cheyenne Webb, who’s the marketing director for Nurtur the Salon, he gave me a tour of the salon and the amazing amenities it provides. One of these is a designated shampoo room, that features gorgeous turquoise tiles and shampoo ‘beds’ that completely recline, alleviating stress off of the neck and shoulders. There’s also a special color room, where specialists trained specifically in color application do their work. My last stop was the manicure/pedicure room, which is a very relaxing room in shades of cream and sage, with breezy French doors and bamboo accents. The whole room was very serene and calm.

After refreshing my coffee and selecting a pale blush color for my nails, Nicci went to work. One of the things that makes Nurtur’s manicures so special is their use of warming mitts; they use a special hand cream to both moisten and massage your skin, and the warmth of the mitts really helps the cream to absorb into the skin. My hands have never looked, or felt, better!


After my relaxing spa experience, it was off to Nurtur’s Grandview location to get my hair done! I was met by Lindsey, a sweet, sprightly brunette who, after giving me a nice shoulder massage, got down to business with me about my hair.

For those of you who read my last salon review, you know that I have been blessed with wonderfully, fine, limp hair. This time was no different. But Lindsey was up to the task, and used a new line of Aveda products on my hair to help give it a little more lift and volume. The line is called Invati, and uses a special blend of Ayurvedic herbs to help add thickness to fine hair. Lindsey used the shampoo and conditioner on me, and also used a thickening spray after blow drying. The effect was fuller, more vibrant hair, the kind of hair I wish I had! Lindsey also cut some longer bangs for me, something I’ve been wanting to try the last few months! I left with beautifully bouncy hair that smelled, deliciously, like patchouli.

While Nurtur the Salon is amazing, the thing I like best about them is that they give you tips and tricks about what to do after you leave their doors, to keep you looking your best. And I have to say, that taking their advice has yielded amazing results; I’m constantly getting compliments on my bright skin and shiny hair, and I have Nurtur to thank for it!

I highly recommend Nurtur the Salon and all the services they provide. If you want to try them out for yourself, just give them a call at 614-487-3033. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

For more information, visit www.nurtursalon.com.

Photos via nurtursalon.com.

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