Sainthood Embraces New Trends for Tegan and Sara

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at The LC
Photos by Ryan Reeves of Front Stage Photography

Canadian indie-rock duo and twin sisters Tegan and Sara have been producing albums since 1999, including the production of five studio albums and one independently-released album. Their most recent, titled Sainthood, was released last year and has been the focus of their 2010 tour.

Sainthood features powerful themes of love, devotion, and suppressed adoration. It has a unique musical sound than many of their early albums—a trend which the pair hope to build upon in the coming decade.

Sainthood combines the emerging musical style featured in the last two albums and introduces more powerful and mature themes. The album also dabbles with some electronic add-ins, creating a unique sound that seems to blend well with the pair’s typically heavy guitar-driven style. While Tegan and Sara usually choose to write their songs separately, Sainthood features a few that are co-written, including “Hell,” and “The Cure.”

The pair performed in Columbus on March 30th for a nearly Sold-Out show at the LC Pavilion. The night was a huge success, with an extensive setlist featuring songs from Sainthood as well as some from as early as their 2002 album, If It Was You. Besides great music, Tegan and Sara have a refreshing and unpretentious stage demeaneor, speaking informally about everything from childhood to politics—and they even manage to poke fun at each other occasionally.

The duo began their 2010 tour in Canada, and have been touring for about two months here in the states. They will be heading to Australia and the UK in the next few months, and then will make it back to the US sometime in July. We can expect them back in Ohio on August 10th and 12th for shows in Cleveland and Cincinnati respectively.

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