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Rumor Mill: Giant Eagle & Whole Foods Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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A rumorist via email wrote If you recall, a couple of years ago there was talk of Whole Foods being an anchor tenant in a development on Vine Street about 2 blocks from the North Market. Have you noticed how quiet that buzz got? Me too.

It turns out that although Giant Eagle likes the sales per square foot on Neil Avenue, the store is much too small for their standard product array and they hate that they can’t sell pharmaceutics (because of the no complete with CVS in their lease) and they have no petrol station.

Sooooo, the rumor is that they want to go to the Vine Street site and build new. Whole Foods is still interested in that submarket and might consider moving to the vacated Giant Eagle site – the old switcheroo if you will!

Right now I think that G.E. draws people up to 5th, maybe beyond, because the Kroger at High/7th sucks so bad. However moving it south of the freeway will turn a lot of people off, especially around rush hour, on event nights AND in light of the fact that it appears Kroger is serious about rebuilding 7th/High.

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