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Rooftop Yoga at Gravity to Benefit Pets

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Rooftop Yoga at Gravity to Benefit PetsGravity will host a yoga event to benefit pets.
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“My little Piper weighed less than 4 pounds when I picked her up; she should’ve weighed 20!” says Julie Wilkes. “They said that she only had a day left before she would’ve died. Kidnappers stole her from someone’s yard and put her into a crate too small for her. They stored dogs in a barn, and those they couldn’t sell on Craigslist, they have abused and neglected. Piper lost an eye, and her teeth rotted out. It is for all the Pipers out there we are hosting Rooftop Yoga at the new Gravity project in Franklinton to benefit dog and cat rescues.”

Wilkes is well-known in the Columbus yoga scene for her large heart and boundless energy. Despite full-time work with a busy travel schedule at Accenture, teaching yoga to prisoners pro bono, and her recent engagement, she also runs a Downtown yoga and fitness studio, Seven Studios at 275 S. Third St. in Columbus. 

rescue puppy
Julie Wilkes with Piper (white dog) who she rescued from an abuse situation. Piper is blind in one eye and needs carried due to hind leg injuries. Photo courtesy Seven Studios and the Columbus Humane Society.

Since opening Seven Studios in 2013, Wilkes has advocated for health among her fitness students as well as pet healthcare.

“They are so inspiring and loving,” she says about pets. “My heart goes out when I see an animal in distress.”

Wilkes and her students not only nurture their own pets, but also raise money and make donations to support dogs owned by some homeless people in Downtown Columbus.  

Rooftop Yoga looking into downtown Columbus.
Rooftop Yoga looking into downtown Columbus.

To raise even more money for pet related causes, this summer, three yoga classes will be held on the rooftop of the new Gravity building in Franklinton. Parking is free.

“There will be an inspiring class for about an hour, then we’ll have some drinks and snacks, and lots of photo opportunities with the gorgeous Columbus Downtown backdrop,” says Wilkes.

Sign up for rooftop yoga at Gravity this summer on Seven Studios’ Facebook Page. Classes are Sunday July 21, August 18, or September 15. Tickets are $15 and include class, refreshments, and a donation to Pets Without Parents. 

For more information visit 7-studios.com. For this class, go to Facebook.

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