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Rivet Featured on Special Cover Edition of New Bob’s Burgers Comic

Anne Evans Anne Evans Rivet Featured on Special Cover Edition of New Bob’s Burgers Comic
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It’s been a big year for Bob’s Burgers. The FOX animated sitcom finally took home the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program during Sunday’s Creative Arts Emmys and it also has a comic book series being launched this week.

Show creator Loren Bouchard has stated in interviews that the comics will not be a knock-off of the tv show, but instead that “we wanted the comic to feel like really amazing fan art” and that “the comic book is kind of “Bob’s Burgers” in its “dream state” — true to the tone, but heightened in its storytelling — like the fantasy sequences in the show.”

Rivet's exclusive cover of the first Bob's Burgers comic will be available at Rivet beginning Wednesday, August 27th.

Rivet’s exclusive cover of the first Bob’s Burgers comic will be available at Rivet beginning Wednesday, August 27th.

Local gallery and toy shop Rivet will be carrying the new comic book series, and if that’s not exciting enough- the gallery will have an exclusive variant first issue that features Rivet on the cover next to Bob’s Burgers hamburger restaurant.

Laura Kuenzli, owner of Rivet and huge fan of Tina Belcher (the eldest daughter in the Belcher family), is thrilled to offer the new comic with such special significance.

“Rivet being next door to Bob’s Burgers!? Heck yeah,” she exclaims!  Then adds, “Maybe Tina and I can grab lunch one day and talk about boys…and butts.”

Kuenzli learned of Bob’s Burgers about two years ago and since then has enjoyed escaping into the world of the Belchers.

“I enjoy that every character has memorable quotes and the story revolves around an average family trying to get by every day in their own quirky way,” she says. “It is a 30 minute interval of happiness that finds escape of daily stress. And of course, I feel a connection with Tina. I believe she is my spirit animal.”

Kuenzli recently received an artist submission for the gallery’s monthly art exhibitions from one of the Bob’s Burgers storyboard artists, but other than that, she has not had a connection to the show’s executives. Currently, the only Bob’s Burgers merchandise available at Rivet is pin back buttons as not much has been made to sell for this show.

A special celebration is planned for Wednesday, August 27 at Rivet to celebrate the release of the comic book.

“We will be selling our exclusive variant first issue as well as the standard first issue,” she says. Comics are $3.99 each and there’s a limited edition of 500.

Rivet has recently added a couple of other comics for sale – Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy and Foster’s Home For Imaginary People.

“If I feel it has a strong crossing into the world of illustration and toys, or has a special place in my heart, then I will offer it,” says Kuenzli.

Celebrate the release of the first issue of Bob’s Burgers comic as well as the Rivet exclusive retailer cover edition on Wednesday, August 27th from 6pm-9pm.  Attendees may dress as their favorite character, and celebrate the night in style with raffles and giveaways, a video game station compliments of Game Stop with the featured game Order Up! available for play, a projector screen airing episodes of Bob’s Burgers, OH! Burgers set up nearby offering a Burger Of The Day as well as other eats, burger cupcakes compliments of Claressa and The Ladybird Sea. Bento Box Entertainment and Bob’s Burgers tees by Alison Rose will be part of the raffle packages. A mini BUTTS art show will  be on display.

For more information, and for updates to the event, follow Rivet.


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