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Rise & Dine Adds $5 Value Menu to Lunch

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Press Release:
Rise & Dine goes back to the basics with meals for $4.99

The fast-growing, breakfast-lunch chain Rise & Dine Restaurants, Inc. announced today that it is reviving the original “value menu” with meals inspired by the Chicago-style hot dog.

“The value menu was not just a fast food chain idea,” Joe Deavenport, Rise & Dine Restaurants co-owner and COO, said. “It was an invention of the entrepreneurial hot dog street vendors that roamed Chicago during the Great Depression. They offered people an affordable and flavorful meal, and in that same spirit, we have concocted our own take on the old-American favorite.”

Beginning in April 2009, Rise & Dine Restaurants nationwide will launch its Back to Basics Value Menu, featuring regional hot dogs from across America. The signature Chicago-style hot dog, which sold for a nickel and spread like gangbusters nearly a century ago, features the same ingredients as the original. An all-beef frank is topped with yellow mustard, bright green relish, chopped onions, tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt.

Other regional favorites will include New York and Texas-influenced hot dogs as well as chili and cheese, jalapeno and cheese, and Rueben. With meals starting at $4.99, customers can choose any style hot dog and a side of seasoned fries, Vidalia onion rings or creamy slaw.

“Customers want a satisfying, tasty dine-out experience that will not break the budget,” Deavenport said. “Our new selections offer customers wholesome, family-friendly meals that do not compromise on quality or quantity.”

Rise & Dine also is rolling out All You Can Eat Pancakes for $4.99. The new addition was inspired by a recent Rise & Dine pancake-eating contest in St. Louis, which helped raise money for a local YMCA.

“The promotion was a tremendous success, and we want to continue the momentum,” Deavenport said. “Fast, affordable meals are in high demand, and we want to fully tap that growth segment.”

For more information, visit www.risedine.com.

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