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Rigsby’s is the New Spot for Grilled Cheese

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Rigsby’s is the New Spot for Grilled Cheese
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For many, a visit to the Short North is not complete without a stop at Rigsby’s, the stylish Italian restaurant serving up simple, high quality food that’s been around since 1986. In their delicious twenty seven-year history, Rigsby’s has stayed relevant by constantly reinventing themselves while not getting away from what brought them to prominence: straightforward cuisine prepared honestly by talented chefs from locally-sourced ingredients.

“We remodeled the restaurant about seven years ago, relocated the bar to the front of the restaurant and made the bar larger,” says Kent Rigsby, founder and owner of Rigsby’s. “We started to think of new promotions to inspire people to discover our bar. That’s why we created ‘$1 Oyster Mondays’ and now, ‘Grilled Cheese Wednesday’.”

Beginning today, Rigsby’s will offer a $5 Grilled Cheese Night featuring a small menu of 5-7 different grilled cheeses on various breads. They also own the wildly popular Eleni-Christina bakery known for their artisan breads, so odds are, the sandwiches will be absolutely delectable.

After all, this venture began with pomp and praise. A young artist walks into Rigsby’s and orders the Grilled Cheese, a Mediterranean-inspired grinder made with gouda, olives, roasted peppers, red onions, and capers served on fresh focaccia. She raves it’s the best grilled cheeses she’s ever had. The rest, as they say, is genius kismet.

“To celebrate Dine Originals 10 anniversary, Grilled Cheese night came to fruition…[it] is another Happy Hour promotion to provide another reason to visit our great bar and discover our restaurant,” Rigsby explains.

Rigsby’s also has live piano music every Wednesday night, and let’s face it, there’s nothing classier , or more quintessentially Short North, than enjoying a gourmet grilled cheese and a glass of wine while the soft notes of Chopin wafts in the air.

For more on Rigsby’s events and menus, visit www.rigsbyskitchen.com. Rigsby’s is located at 698 North High Street.

Photo by Andrew Williams of A.W. Pixel Photography & Design.

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