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Shop Talk: Righno

Anna Maconachy Anna Maconachy Shop Talk: RighnoPhotos by Anna Maconachy.
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If you were to travel back to 2009 and ask Corey Bee where he would be in 2015, he most likely wouldn’t have described his current life to you. In 2009, all that Bee could call his own was a little tee shirt company called Enue Clothing, but now he has upgraded to owning his very own unique men’s shop called Righno.

Bee always knew that he wanted to do something in the fashion world, but didn’t realize his desire to start a boutique until after he had moved to Indianapolis for college.

“Once I moved to Indiana, something sparked in me and I wanted to start a boutique,” he said. “I didn’t have the money for a brick and mortar, so I figured that I would start online and grow from there. So, I amended my LLC for Enue Clothing Company and changed it to Righno Boutique.”

The first Righno was created in Indianapolis and is still standing tall. Bee expanded the brand to Columbus on October 1st.

“I love my city — and while I may have tried to leave a few times, and I may still have my moments, Columbus is home,”  he said when asked about what made him decide to bring the concept here. “Being gone for four years has shown me that home is truly where the heart is.”

Righno is unique because it was purposefully created not to blend in. It’s a lifestyle shop for men that offers anything and everything that a guy needs. On top of stylish clothing that you can find there, the store is stocked with things like skincare products, socks, magazines, underwear, greeting cards, shoes, outerwear and more.


Bee made sure to let it be known that Righno is for any type of guy.

“We believe that anyone can walk into our shops and find something, no matter your height, weight, background, sexuality, gender or nationality,” he said. “We embrace and love everyone.”

Bee also explained that Righno is important for the Short North, being the only full-service men’s lifestyle shop in the area. And if you visit but can’t find what you’re looking for, the store is open to feedback and recommendations.

“People love it when they recommend something and then see it in the store shortly after,” said Bee. “The people are what help us do what we love, so we will listen to them.”

If you’re ever in Indianapolis, support a local business owner and check out the original Righno store at 1103 North College Avenue. The Short North location can be found at 22 East Fourth Avenue.

For more information, visit www.righno.com.

Photos by Anna Maconachy.








Photos by Anna Maconachy.

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