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Ride-Sharers Can Go Farther With car2go’s Home Area Expansion

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Ride-Sharers Can Go Farther With car2go’s Home Area ExpansionPhoto
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Ride-sharing is taking off in Columbus. For economic or environmental reasons, more people are looking for ways to live in the city without owning a car. After the launch of car2go in 2013, thousands of Columbusites became members, trading in their sedans for the company’s compact vehicles. For the last couple of years, the cars’ travel radius has reached from North Broadway to East Morrill Avenue in Merion Village, and from Champion Avenue in Olde Towne East to North Star Avenue in the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood.

Tomorrow, car2go will extend the area to include the Near East, North Clintonville and Near South Side as part of their Home Area expansion. It pushes the perimeter to Morse Road on the north side, Frebis Avenue on the south side, and Nelson Road on the east side.

“We’re excited that our over 25,000 car2go Columbus members can now go farther with the announcement of our Home Area expansion. This means more members can access the convenience of one-way carsharing,” said Chet Ridenour, General Manager for car2go Columbus.

The expansion follows car2go’s switch to their next-gen smart car. The roomier car with additional trunk space utilizes smart phones to complete a trip, start to finish, and has a more powerful motor and transmission, bluetooth access, and enhanced safety features.

“With a completely upgraded fleet earlier this year and now an expanded Home Area, we can accommodate more members, take more cars off the road, and provide a convenient way to get around the city of Columbus,” Ridenour added.

Until July 15, new members can get free registration and $5 of drive credit with the promo code GOFAR.

For more information, visit car2go.com.

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