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Review: Joywave at A&R Music Bar

Chrissy Adams Chrissy Adams Review: Joywave at A&R Music BarJoywave at the A&R Music Bar — Photo by Chrissy Adams.
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All dressed up and ready for a night of fun, my sisters were kind enough to attend a concert of a band they had never heard of last Friday. Thinking that there would be no issues standing in our way, we arrive to the concert to realize that it was sold out. That was quite the shock to all three of us because, being the music gurus we are, having never heard of Joywave, how had anybody else? The line that circled outside and around the corner to A&R Music Bar told us very differently. An hour or so later, we came to realize exactly why the venue reached full capacity and it’s because Joywave is freaking awesome.

Before their fascinating performance, the crowd was able to get pumped up with opener KOPPS and performer Transviolet. And when I say pumped up – I mean PUMPED up. Trying to capture photos in a crowd of people jumping around and swaying as one wasn’t easy. But with a band as impressive and enthusiastic as Joywave, I didn’t mind the difficulty as I jumped along and enjoyed myself just like everybody else in the venue.

The energy was contagious as Daniel Armbruster belted out every note while pumping up the crowd with his liveliness and ability to own the stage. Joseph Morinelli, on guitar, swayed his way around the stage and appealed to the people in the audience who love to just feel the music and raise hell when the chorus comes around. As it normally goes, the lead singer and guitarist caught my attention at first because realizing the consistent beat kept by Bassist Sean Donnelly, Keyboard player Benjamin Bailey, and drummer Paul Brenner. Donnelly really kept the rhythm while hypnotizing the women in the crowd with his luscious locks (pictured below). Bailey felt every beat while working with his keyboard and jamming out to the songs that everybody in the room found a liking to. And last but not least, Brenner — or as I like to call him “tongue guy” because any time I tried to take a picture of him, he stuck his tongue out like the rocker he is — passionately owned his drums.

This indie rock band from Rochester, New York opened their show with the famous Destruction from their 2015 album “How Do You Feel Now?” but surprised the crowd by announcing a release of a new album coming this year. Joywave’s energy and up-beat songs forced everybody in the venue to move around and get their groove on. It was impossible not to.

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All photos by Chrissy Adams.







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