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Review: CD102.5FM’s Summerfest 2014

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Review: CD102.5FM’s Summerfest 2014All photos by Matt Ellis.
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That’s a wrap.

Summerfest is now a few days into the past and the memories continue to fog our heads in the present. A sold-out summer event, with more than 5,000 attendees proved to be a success. Thousands of smiling faces walked/skipped/stumbled/raced out of the Outdoor LC venue past 11 pm, where members of CD102.5 radio were high-fiving, cheering and hugging one another. With headlining acts OK Go, Tokyo Police Club and Manchester Orchestra closing out the night, the energy sky rocketed through the LC’s nonexistent outdoor roof. The overcast sky and anticipation of a thunderstorm kept the jam-packed LC moving and exchanging excitement as the day-long festivities drew on. As the hunger set in and the sunburn began to sting, miscellaneous entertainment and food trucks kept the slightly-buzzed individual tapped into reality — or in your own version of reality.

An event that is specific and unique to Columbus, CD102.5’s Summerfest is an experience. An experience that is catered to the loving community of Columbus, Ohio. Each and every year, we look forward to the festival’s announcement. A day where the music and locally owned and independent radio is all that matters. A day where we can all take a moment and reflect on ourselves, the season coming to a close, and the pride we have for our city and each other.

With thousands of attendants camping in the outdoor LC venue, there were many sights to see. It was a circus themed event with that many people, it’s inevitable we’re all going to witness something unique. Maybe we saw the same thing…. Maybe I’m writing about you… What did you see….?

The Amazing Giants: Their name is as obvious as it seems. Did you happen to catch the slenderly, flirtatious men and women on stilts? They were nearly three times the size of an average individual, supported by rickety pieces of ply wood. These crazy folks were friendly, talented and fully committed to the circus theme.

The CD102.5 Scene Team: We see this attractive bunch of young, twenty-somethings at nearly every CD102.5 event. They are living, breathing, dancing, battery-powered energizer bunnies who represent the love, passion and image of the radio station. A smile that seizes to never leave their faces, the Scene Team rallies a party wherever the bunch congregates. With glitter on their cheeks, sporting shiny golden shorts and branded CD102.5 Summerfest shirts, the Scene Team are a party. Their love for Columbus and independent radio is a beautiful thing.

Glowing Hula Hoopers: Along with The Amazing Giants, Summerfest had mentally stimulating, mind-boggling hula hoopers with their glowing accessories and impressive tricks. Watching these ladies twirl and tumble as Manchester Orchestra was slamming their heavy instrumentals in the background was a wildly wonderful contrast — a glimpse of the hula-hoopers appeared to be a snapshot of a full-blown festival.

OK Go: As the long day progressed, drunkness and heat exahustion began to settle in and settle down the crowd. Behold, OK Go took the stage with exuberant amounts of energy and pushed for a second wind of partying. With single, “Writings on the Wall,” on repeat on CD102.5FM, the crowd released their last bits of energy to belt and dance with every bit of life they could muster. A band that has been making records since 2002, OK Go only continues to thrive off of their fans, generating an indie-pop soundtrack to a summer dance party.

Manchester Orchestra: With a cult following that only continues to expand, Manchester Orchestra concluded Summerfest’s evening with a hearty, rock ‘n’ roll set. Tracks “Simple Math” and “I’ve Got Friends” erupted a full-bodied mosh pit in the LC, bringing together the last bit (of thousands) attendee’s who stuck out the evening for the headlining act. Emotional lyrics and impulsive guitar solo’s resurfaced the attachment Manchester Orchestra fans have to the music; an attachment that may have been hibernating since the bands last visit. As I slam-danced with fellow Summerfest attendee’s, I could here the camaraderie of vocals between lead vocals, Andy Hull, and the crowd. As I screamed the cathartic lyrics with the strangers standing next to me, I couldn’t help but feel immensely satisfied with this entire event.

Matt Ellis is a freelance photographer who covers bands that visit the city and the Columbus Crew MLS team. More about Matt can be found at Matt Ellis Photography.
















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