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Review: Cameron’s American Bistro

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Okay, so this is my first time writing a restaurant review, but here it goes…

Went to Cameron’s on Dublin-Granville Road to celebrate a couple of birthdays on Friday night.

We began by ordering a bottle of Pinot Grigio and at 24.00, it was priced fairly well and the flavors went well with our appetizers and entrees. We ordered a few different starters including the Parma Prosciutto Flatbread, the Calamari, and the Goat Cheese Beignets.

The flatbread was described as having roasted potatoes on it, which ended up being kettle cooked potato chips brushed with truffle oil. Call it what you want, it was good and so were the goat cheese beignets which felt like eating cheese on a stick at the fair minus the stick. I can’t say much about the calamari, except that everyone else enjoyed them–I just don’t/won’t eat Calamari.

I followed the starters up with a bowl of their Shrimp Bisque, which was truly twice the normal portion size of a restaurant bowl of soup and was certainly yummy and reminiscent of my favorite Lindey’s lobster bisque.

From there my friends ordered the Hoisin Glazed Salmon, Day Boat Scallops, which were big (though only 3 were served on the plate–a little skimpy for $22), and the Roast Duck. I ordered the Roasted Chicken Rigatoni which had pulled chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, strips of fresh cut parmesean, and a white wine garlic cream sauce. For someone who doesn’t like to order pasta out at a restaurant, this won me over with all the ingredients listed, and I especially enjoyed the fresh parmesean cheese, as it added a great flavor.

On to my favorite part…Dessert…Since it was a few of our birthdays, we received a couple free ones, and bought a couple extra to share. We ordered the Chocolate Stratosphere, Peaches and Cream, and the New Orlean Bread Pudding. In addition, one of my friends tried the hot butter rum that is seasonal there.

I have to say I didn’t try the Chocolate Stratosphere, but if you like chocolate cake and the gooiness that goes with it, you’ll like this. The peaches and cream was tasty like grandma’s peach cobbler. The New Orleans Bread pudding, however, was a huge disappointment. let me tell you…I LOVE BREAD PUDDING…and this was awful. The actual “bread” was dry and tasteless and the Vanilla Bean Anglaise they cover it with had no flavor and didn’t strike the same chord as the buttery sauce normally found on Bread Pudding. I was also very confused with the rasberry coulis they dribbled on the plate–didn’t bring anything to the dish. Cap City has a wonderful bread pudding–maybe they should keep it simple and serve the same one here. The Hot Buttered Rum, was very good, nice combo of butter schnapps and rum heated up to just the right degree of warmness and I highly recommend it for an after dinner drink.

Here is where their well-known service comes into play–The waitress knowing that it was my birthday and that I loved Bread Pudding asked me what I thought of it since I ate a 1/4th of it. I told her my honest opinion and she informed me that she was bringing out their “house dessert” right away which was the Meyer Lemon Gratin , which was similar to a creme brulee with one big difference…a yummy sugar cookie like crust on the bottom. That crust alone made my day.

All in all a very satisfying meal. One note: It was practically cleared out by 9 pm on Friday and even the wait at 7 pm didn’t seem that long, however, I would suggest reservations..we had them and got a table right at our reservation time.

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