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Review: Art of Recovery

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If you didn’t attend the Art of Recovery benefit on Friday night then you missed out. The Design Market Place set the perfect atmosphere for this 7th annual event which featured food, drinks, live entertainment and most importantly, art.

As soon as I walked into the Design Market Place, I knew this was an event that would not soon be forgotten. There was soft music playing in the background, ladies were walking around on stilts to liven the crowd, expressive art was everywhere and a general flair of imagination was in the air. Even the guests got into the creative mood by dressing in bright and brilliant colors. Everywhere I looked, there was reason to feel inspired.

Southeast, Inc. put on this wonderful event with the proceeds benefiting the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery. Southeast, Inc. is a recovery and mental health services non-profit organization. They run the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery in Downtown Columbus. The Fresh A.I.R. Gallery is a place where people suffering from mental illness or those recovering from a substance abuse problem can exhibit their artwork and gain recognition. The Fresh A.I.R. Gallery strives to educate the community and break down the stigma of mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The live and silent auctions featured original art from more than 90 artists that are clients of Southeast Inc., regular contributors to the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery or other contributing artists whose artwork is about mental health or substance abuse recovery. Put simply, the art was amazing. Filled with raw emotion, vibrant colors and unlimited creativity, I literally wanted to buy every piece I saw.

I’ve never been to the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery, but after Friday night I plan to go check it out soon. Every few months, they exhibit a different artist’s work. Coming up this month will be an exhibit titled “When Darkness Pulls on You” by artist Casey M. Garcia.

To get more information on the Art of Recovery benefit, to get involved next year or to find out more about the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery, visit the Southeast, Inc. web site at www.SoutheastInc.com.

Fresh A.I.R. Gallery
131 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 744-8110

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