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Restaurant Review: The Half Pint

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: The Half PintPhotos by Lauren Sega.
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The Half Pint, the branch off of Dublin’s Pint Room family tree, made its debut in the Arena District (catty-corner from the North Market) a few weeks ago, bringing with it a cavalcade of beer and burgers.

The joint’s moniker suggests that it might be a diminutive, or in the words of the candy people, a “fun-sized” operation. That said, it doesn’t seem like anything about The Half-Pint’s spot is particularly miniature or half-sized. The interior space is roomy enough to have a bar with expansive seating that wraps around it. There’s also a big, prominent patio that will be nice when warm weather returns. While the new location’s menu doesn’t seem to be identical to that of the original Pint Room, it still has plenty of options, and the servings are portioned for typical Columbus appetites. You won’t want for fries, that’s for sure.

If you’re looking for iconic Pint Room fare, a familiar start might be the PBB&J Burger ($12). That’s an acronym for a burger with peanut butter, bacon and jelly. At first, peanut butter might sound like an odd partner for a burger, but the combination with added bacon is more than just a stunt food. Its appeal stems from the combo’s jab of familiarity (a salted peanut butter) plus the sweetness of strawberry preserves mixing it up with an impressively thick grilled patty. Add the super savory, crisp slices of bacon that jut out the sides of the sandwich and you have a full-on mix of satisfaction and dining entertainment.

The favorite burger so far, however, is the Hangover ($13.50). The Hangover is a burger topped not just with a sunny-side up egg, but with a mound of potato-y golden hash browns too. And a tomato slice, and smoked cheddar cheese. Because breakfast foods truly are The Best Foods in the universe, this one was an easy favorite.

For those who avoid beef, the kitchen also makes chicken sandwiches and a Turkey Burger ($12.50). The turkey burger is respectable: Thick. It’s about as good as turkey gets, which is to say: it’s still not beef, but it sure does try hard to be substantial. For toppings, it boasts pickled red onions, arugula, kale and a chipotle cranberry mayo. Even so, the poultry suffers in comparison to the aforementioned beef burgers, which are equally thick and especially beefy.

For sides with the burger options, guests can choose coleslaw, french fries, or potato chips. The french fries are the optimal pick. Perfectly seasoned, hot, with crunchy edges. The coleslaw’s okay, and the potato chips want salt in the most desperate way. In terms of starters, the trendy Cheese Curds ($7.50) with sriracha ranch are a heavy, oozy treat, providing lovable fried globs of melted cheese with amped-up briny curd flavor.

About the beer. The website boasts 60 flavors, plus one step up on the beer credibility totem poll: growlers. And then another step up: crowlers (canned). So you can buy some to-go, if that’s your bag.

You’ll find The Half Pint at 415 N. Front St. It’s open daily at 11 a.m. and earlier (10 a.m.) on Sundays with a special brunch menu.

For more information, visit thehalfpintcolumbus.com.

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