Restaurant Review: Fay’s Crepes

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Fay’s CrepesWe explore the sweet - and savory - menu of Fay's Crepes - All photos by Susan Post
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Crepes have always seemed to be a distinctly French thing. French colonialism initiatives notwithstanding, this perception may be a little off. It’s not clear that the skinny pancake tradition is necessarily uniquely French. While crepes in France date back to the 13th century, injera, a common skinny pancake from Ethiopia dates back much further, to 600 AD. Injera itself is a spongy, flat sourdough crepe made with teff (a grain) that has always grown well in that region. Given centuries of injera, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Ethiopia’s neighbor, Somalia, has a crepe scene of its very own.  

And that particular crepe scene can be found at Easton’s Fay’s Crepes. While Fay’s particular Easton digs are newish, the business is no newcomer to the Columbus eating scene. Its crepes originally made a big splash in the Polaris mall, earning accolades from diners and drawing attention from the Ohio Secretary of State. Owner Fayrus Adbi has an international background, and her crepes are Somali, or at least, a variation based on the regional favorite.  

Most eaters are more familiar with French crepes, so here’s some very good news for those who like familiar foods: All the things that are loveable about French crepes are lovable at Fay’s crepes too. They have the same characteristics: delicately thin, yet supple enough to fold without breaking, the house crepes predictably yield to the gentle pressure of a fork. The crepes at Fay’s provide excellent foundations for a host of toppings that come from a variety of cultural influences. 

To be more direct, you can get chocolate on your crepes. 

Let’s start with a combo that’s familiar in the Midwest, perhaps something on the lines of a Banana and Nutella Crepe ($7.95). The perky slices of banana dot the folded crepe landscape, which is itself layered in stripes of chocolate and crowned with a dollop of whipped cream. All things considered, it’s probably a relatively healthy eating option. Yet, it feels indulgent, like a dessert. That’s a win right there. 

Banana and Nutella Crepe

Of course, there are options that are less frequently associated with the classic crepe scene, as well as options that are less plausibly “healthy.” Case in point: Oreo Crepe ($7.95). Layers of Nutella return in this one, along with Oreo crunchies, ice cream, and more chocolate. While the aforementioned banana version marries more nicely with its crepe foundation, for those who like Oreos in everything, this crepe combo answers that call. 

Oreo Crepe

Beyond the sweet crepe selection, there are also savory crepe options. The Chicken Florentine ($10) version is finished with spinach and grilled chicken that’s drizzled with a swirling ranch-style sauce. The crepe foundation that teams so nicely with bananas and chocolate, does every bit as nicely as a foundation for the savory chicken dish. 

Chicken Florentine Crepe

For those who need more (literal) depth in their bread products, Fay’s also hosts a waffle scene. The same sorts of crepe combos can be teamed with a fresh, crisped waffle ($7.95). All things considered, the waffle does make a fine foundation for bananas, Nutella and tart strawberries with whipped cream to bind it all together. 

Waffle with strawberries, banana and Nutella

Fay’s Crepes is a small, friendly operation situated at 3951 Easton Square. It’s a a fun spot to hit while wandering around Easton this shopping season and it opens every day at 10 a.m.

For more information, visit fayscrepes.com.

All photos by Susan Post

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