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Restaurant Review: Do2 Sabores

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Do2 SaboresPhotos by Lauren Sega.
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After a respectable stint in the food truck world, Do2 Sabores opened up its very own spot on Huntley Road near the old Continent. The spot is bright, with a few theme accents and plenty of natural light.

There are some noteworthy things about Do2 Sabores, things that make it more than just another place that puts food into tortillas. Do2 Sabores makes its own bread for its cemitas: unmistakably fresh, poofy sesame seed buns. The kitchen also does its own in-house prep of peppers, whether pickled or roasted. These sorts of things offer flavors you typically only find in fancy restaurants. Yet, it’s all packaged in a super-casual, non-pretentious style.

So, let’s roll. Literally, let’s take a look at its cemitas served on those house-made rolls. There’s a whole selection of them at the beginning of the menu. If you’re used to seeing endless rows of menu text centered around tacos, enchiladas and burritos, you’ll be thrown off your game for a moment. The front page features instead a Cemitas section as well as a Memelas section.

The cemita is a sandwich. A big sandwich. All of them have: refried beans, onion, ham, avocado slices, a slather of mayo and quesillo, plus chipotle or jalapeño. The items on the aforementioned list could be the entire sandwich in itself, but instead they’re just the condiments. They’re the finishing touch for a protein such as breaded chicken or steak, or cow feet.

As interesting as the feet sound, the chicken was a more compelling choice, and one that comes with no regrets. Not one, but three thin, crunchy-fried tenders graced the combo. Though the tenders were lovely, the condiments stole the show. The quesillo (a white, buttery cheese) was distractingly delicious, as it sat in a heap of substantial cheese-strings along with chipotles that were so good, they were picked off to enjoy solo. By themselves, the house peppers were hot and somewhat painful. They were also somewhat addictive: it’s probably a good thing there weren’t more ($9).

Meanwhile, the memelas are not sandwiches. They are, instead, something like a tostado, built on a slightly more substantial, ovular base. The chorizo and steak is a nice start; a mixture of briny ground sausage and diced beef share territory, edge to edge, under a dusting of crumbly cheese. The robust, toasted masa foundation upon which memelas are built elevates the dish above your average taco-fix ($5).

Cemitas aren’t the only sandwich in the house. There are also Tortas, a more ubiquitous item on local menus. The Torta Cubana ($12) is ridiculous in all the best ways. It holds all of these things: more breaded chicken, ham, egg, sausage, beans, avocado,and mozzarella cheese. The sausage is sort of like bologna or slivers of hotdog, which is something that you’ll either love or not. It’s hard to decide (and easy to remove).

Sure, you can get a taco or a burrito. Both chicken ($2) and the carnitas tacos ($2) were good, and you can branch out with shrimp, or steak too (no feet, though). Still, it seems a shame to devote stomach space to something other than a reckless sandwich. You don’t find those just anywhere, but you’ll find them at Do2 Sabores at 6042 Huntley Rd.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.


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