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Renovations Under Way at Three Deuces in Franklinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans Renovations Under Way at Three Deuces in Franklinton
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Franklinton has long been touted as the next “up and coming” neighborhood in Columbus, and the momentum behind that movement has finally started taking shape in the past several months. 400 West Rich is now housing around 60 artists, Dinin’ Hall has opened to much fanfare, Orange Barrel Media announced plans for a new headquarters in the neighborhood, and now, Three Deuces is joining in on the action.

Brad DeHays, one of the former partners behind Harrison’s on Third is working on the rebirth of Three Deuces. Renovation work is already under way, which includes the opening up of the patio along the west side of the building and a new front facade that replaces the wooden structure with new windows. The interior will be opened up and include a new space for live music performances.

“We are using many reclaimed materials for the interior,” says DeHays. “That includes reclaimed galvanized barn roofing for the ceiling, a reclaimed 1950’s basketball court for the floor in the main bar area, and reclaimed lumber for the bar and table tops.”

The renovated bar is already being praised as complimentary to redevelopment plans for the East Franklinton neighborhood.

“We are thrilled to have something new coming to the Deuces,” says Jim Sweeney, Executive Director of the Franklinton Development Association. “It sounds like a great fit for what we’re doing and planning to do in East Franklinton.”

DeHays hopes that an interest in the bar can spur additional development nearby.

“We would like to invest further, potentially in some of the surrounding properties,” he says. “However, we first need to measure the bar’s reception to artists and residents in the area.”

The renovated Three Deuces is expected to reopen sometime in August. A name change to the bar is expected, but the new name has yet to be announced.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

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