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Renegade Radio – WCRS 98.3/102.1

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Other Paper wrote Renegade Radio


Marilyn Welker, Simply Living’s director, is glad the station is finally on the air with its mix of progressive national programs and earth-friendly local shows. It was launched earlier this year after a long effort that was complicated by the FCC.

Simply Living’s station definitely won’t avoid controversy, judging from one of its hosts. Zach Henkel recently started producing Cranksters, a show promoting that most green of activities, bicycling. But the self-proclaimed “street biker” made it clear that he isn’t all touchy-feely about everyone who climbs on two wheels, especially those who do so while encased in spandex.

“Oh, no, we make fun of those spandex dudes,” the 25-year-old said, defining them as “middle-agers who live in Clintonville and other wimpy places and just ride their expensive bikes on trails.” (His show, for the record, is produced at Simply Living’s offices in the allegedly wimpy Clintonville.)

If Henkel veers from Simply Living’s hug-the-earth message slightly, that’s OK with Evan Davis, a free-lance radio reporter who’s helping out at the new station. WCRS has no “political agenda,” he said, but is devoted to “providing an outlet for voices, information, culture and perspectives that are excluded elsewhere in the popular media.”


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