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Redeye Rides Offers Designated Driver Transportation Option

Walker Evans Walker Evans Redeye Rides Offers Designated Driver Transportation Option
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Alternative transportation options have been rapidly expanding in Columbus in the past 12 months, and a new startup company is looking to break into that market with a unique angle centered upon safe late night service. Redeye Rides is a new venture from Matthew Lanning that aims to provide last-call service for bar patrons looking to make it home safe at the end of the night without risking a DUI or drunk driving accident.

“The number of DUIs and DUI related accidents and injuries are alarming all over the US,” says Lanning. “With a little brainstorming we realized that the standard taxi service was not enough to combat this issue.”

A taxi will get you home at the end of the night, but often leaves you in the position of arranging car-retrieval the next day, either through another taxi ride, or by phoning a friend for a lift to wherever you left your car the night before. Red Eye Rides brings passengers home in their own car, and does so at an affordable rate.

“We’re still growing, but so far everyone is extremely excited about the idea,” says Lanning. “We’re hoping that our newly launched indiegogo campaign will help get the exposure we need to really let everyone know what we’re about and what we’re trying to accomplish. Everyone wants to have fun — we just want to make it safe to do so.”

Red Eye Rides currently operates in Central Ohio, but Lanning already has his sights set upon expansion throughout Ohio as the business grows, and is exploring the launch of service in Baton Rouge where a business partner is located.

“We are ecstatic about the idea and can’t wait to see it meet its full potential,” he states. “It’s overwhelming when you consider the real difference we can make in peoples lives here.”

For more information, visit www.redeyerides.com or follow them on Facebook.


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