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Redevelopment of Former Shell Station at Lane & High Continues to Progress

Walker Evans Walker Evans Redevelopment of Former Shell Station at Lane & High Continues to Progress
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While catching up this morning with Mike Fitzpatrick of Elford Development on several other developments happening in Italian Village, we asked for a quick update on the company’s four-story building proposed at High & Lane back in late 2013. The project went in front of the University Area Commission Zoning Committee earlier this month, where response about the building was largely positive with a few concerns about digital signage and retail parking.

“We got some great feedback and made some changes to the design, so we’re moving forward and going to the architectural review board this month,” said Fitzpatrick. “We’re looking forward to getting more input.”

The site, which was formerly home to a recently demolished Shell gas station, would hold 27 single-bedroom apartments on the upper floors and three retail spaces on the ground floor, totaling over 5,000 square feet of retail. Twelve parking spaces would be provided in the back for residents, which would likely consist of OSU students. The lack of parking for retail customers was what concerned some zoning committee members.

“There’s been lots of discussion, so we’re not quite done yet there, but we’re on the right path,” said Fitzpatrick on the development plan. “There’s a balance between wanting a big strong building on that corner and providing parking spaces. The retail will be serving pedestrians on foot.”

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Renderings provided by Elford Development.


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