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Chamber Escape Room Founder Opens Redemption Escape Room

Jenna Taylor Jenna Taylor Chamber Escape Room Founder Opens Redemption Escape RoomPhoto via Redemption Escape Room.
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Daniel Hutchison, the founder of Columbus’s rising entertainment concept The Chamber Escape Room, is proving himself determined to engrain escape rooms as a norm into the entertainment culture of Columbus. Though his latest concept, The Redemption Escape Room, may prove to be the most authentic experience of the two, as Hutchison was able to build his new location from the ground up.

“We were looking for a building that would allow us to have complete control over the design. We wanted one with ample free parking and one where people could scream and be loud without bothering neighboring businesses.”

Located off of E Broad St and Taylor Station Road, The Redemption Escape Room is more theatrical than its older sibling. Actors are twice as interactive, clues are hidden in more perplexing places, and the overall experience is a bit more hands-on. If you can imagine searching for clues in a tub full of syringes, sticking your hands in undesirable places, all while breaking a trapped individual from a cage then you’ve got the Redemption Escape Room.

“This room was modeled after some of the popular SAW movies,” explains Hutchison. “I wanted this to be an escape room that makes players feel completely immersed in the story line as if they were in a real life video game.”

As the Redemption Room reaches its’ first of month of operation, the Chamber Room grows closer to its sixth month of business. Hutchison admits that he had no prior experience running escape rooms or anything close to the concept.

“I honestly jumped in with both feet and a vision,” stated Hutchison. “Introducing escape rooms to a market that had no clue what they were created a huge learning curve for my team. We are still pretty much on track from our original business model but we have made a ton of small micro calibrations to ensure that we can provide the best experience possible.”

When Hutchison originally planned both escape rooms, he intended on breaking the mold.

“Most escape rooms only consist of one room with no actors and generic themes like Sherlock Holmes or Indiana Jones,” he said. “I wanted to create an experience where people would not only leave satisfied but feel as if they had experienced something incredible, which is why I added peculiar details to each story line.”

Pricing and operating hours will remain the same for both escape rooms, while special rates are available for corporate outings and large groups.

“Our goal is to emerge as an industry leader.” said Hutchison .”We are a small locally-owned company that cares about being a part of the community. This year we were even able to make forty-seven donations of fifty dollars to various Peltonia riders. We are hoping to establish a strong foothold before the national chains make their mark in Columbus.”

For more information, visit www.redemptionescaperoom.com.

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