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Recap: CCAD Senior Fashion Show

Randi Walle Randi Walle Recap: CCAD Senior Fashion ShowPhotos by Randi Walle.
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Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) has been a staple in the Columbus area for 139 years, helping lead Columbus to be the number three ranked fashion city in the country. Last week, CCAD fashion design seniors displayed their collections at the annual fashion show. Sixteen seniors and two MFA candidates participated, showcasing everything from goddess evening wear to tribal inspired wear to neon performance wear.

This year, the fashion show was held at the newly renovated Short North Ballroom at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. To accommodate all of the models, the runway was designed to be ground-level instead of raised like a traditional runway.

Although all the collections were received well by the audience, the fan favorite was clearly Chelsea Funk’s line of adaptive children’s wear. Her models were all children with unique needs, and each model was met with roaring applause. Funk’s collection, which was designed to accommodate each child’s specific need, was the only one of the night to receive a full standing ovation.

Diane O. Brown, Kathryn Geraci, Luci McCombs-Byrne, Stenny Tjandra, and Steffy Tjandra all drew their inspiration from international experiences. From their travels and their homelands, these designers all conceptualized their designs out of things they witnessed, experienced, and observed in other cultures.

Xinyue Zhang and Mabel Castellar both gathered their ideas and inspiration from working with and observing children, producing colorful and fun collections. Columbus native Lindsay Casimer created her line of activewear to empower women to feel confident. Hsunyin Chang and Luyao Zhang were both inspired by their upbringing and their family’s influence. Chang, per encouragement received from her mother at a young age to ignore stereotypes, created a unisex line influenced by insects, and Zhang used knit and macramé techniques she learned from her grandmother. Sydney Hulett and Erica Rodney used all black for their lines, Hulett utilizing corsets and sheer while Rodney wove material from artificial black hair. The essence of power and strength was conveyed through the collections of both Damien Tobi and Natalia Monserrate.

Whether these 18 students pursue careers in Columbus or another major fashion city, they will no doubt leave their mark on the fashion industry. From raising awareness of needs and equality to inspiring others to travel, these collections are the beginning of the students’ impact and influence in the fashion world.

For more information, visit ccad.edu/fashion-show.


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